Translation of Amazon and eBay Listings


No matter how much (or little) text your Amazon or eBay listings contain, it is vital to use professionally translated texts in order to reach the target market. Engaging, interesting and factual descriptions let you stand out and outsell competitors with machine-translated listings.


We are native speakers and translate from English into German and Italian.


Having your listings and customer communications translated by us has numerous advantages:


● You reach millions of new potential customers that appreciate listings in their native language or did not understand your original listing.

● You speak your clients’ language and are able to answer questions and react to feedback in an engaging way.


● We are reliable, available and care about your listings.


● We are native speakers and therefore guarantee correct translations that appeal to your target audience.



We are native speakers and translate your listings into German and/or Italian in a professional and engaging way. We pay special attention to keywords and SEO principles to ensure that your products will be found by your potential customers.


After the initial translation of your listing, we are happy to assist with the translation of questions by clients and your answers to them. A smooth online shopping experience requires great customer service, which includes answering e-mails in your clients’ native language.



An average Amazon and eBay listing consists of 500 words and will cost you 60 Euro. We price our translations by the word and will always send you an individual quote for your project.


We accepts payments by PayPal and bank transfer (we are based in the EU).


Furthermore we offer the possibility to “buy credit” in advance, in order to reduce bank fees and administrative efforts. The credit amount can be agreed upon based on your translation requirements (100 Euro, 200 Euro or 500 Euro) after which we will deduct all translations until the credit has been used up.


We are looking forward to translating your Amazon and eBay listings!